12 Social Networks websites that you should know in 2018

by - June 26, 2018

You may already know the many social networks because they are popular but There are some more social network websites.

You want to see more websites and know how they connect people. You want more from social networks not only for connecting people, then this list is for you.

People also know that every popular social network is free to use.

So I'm going to show you many social networks.

This list is updated in 2018.

  1. Publicapp - You may thinking why it is at the top of the list. The answer is because it has many features that make it different from others and It's very new social network. You can connect here with people, write and read blogs, create your organization profile or join any organization, join or create a group for a small community, create and see events, Discuss with people on any subject, upload albums and see albums, upload photos or a single photo, upload videos and watch videos, upload and download any types of file, start polls, online quiz, debates, photo contests and more. That's enough for people but the market will also be available in future in Publicapp.

    In Publicapp all other social network features like timeline and status updating.

    So you should try once Publicapp.
  2. Facebook - You may already know about Facebook because It is the most popular social network. Facebook has now 1 billion users. Facebook has lost their trust of millions of users by allowing access to their personal data to a third party.
  3. Twitter - In this social network users can only post short texts and followers can see their posts.
  4. VK - VKontekte (VK) is also a popular social network like Facebook in Russia.
  5. Reddit - Users can only post content and users can upvote and downvote their posts.
  6. Tumblr - Tumblr is just a blogging platform for users. Users can post their blogs and see blogs of following people.
  7. Google+ - Google plus is also a most popular social network because it is made by Google. In Google+ , users can share their posts with their followers.
  8. LinkedIn - This is a professional social network. It has many professional users.
  9. Instagram - Instagram is a social network that is used only to share photo and video with the followers.
  10. Myspace - Myspace is a musical social network. Users can also create groups, write blogs, upload picture and videos here.
  11. Twoo - Twoo is also a social network that is used to connect with people and chat with them.
  12. hi5 - hi5 is the social network to connect with people and share posts to their timeline.
 I hope that you will like this list. Try once every social network, I will expand this list in Future as I will find some interesting social networks.

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